Getting Started

Zen is a way for those who are seeking to experience silence and true peace of mind. It is a way of experiencing directly, without any conceptual attachments. 

It is a discipline in which we sit down and settle the body and the mind, training ourselves to be fully engaged in present moment awareness.

This takes practice.

We offer two introductory courses that help those interested to get a taste of what Zen is.

Glimpse into Zen

Glimpse into Zen is an introductory seminar that gives a basic taste and idea of what zen is about. It includes actual zazen (sitting contemplation, which is the core of our practice) and question and answer sessions. The Glimpse seminar is an introductory forum that precedes and is a prerequisite for the Zen Orientation Workshop.​

Following this, those who are interested in engaging in the regular practice of Zen with the sangha must undergo a six-session Orientation Workshop.


The Zen Orientation Workshop is held over a period of about five consecutive Sundays where the participants are taught all the fundamentals of Zen practice from proper sitting postures, zendo etiquette, method of concentration, the role that awareness and mindfulness play in the practice, including lectures such as aims, categories, essentials of Zen for discussion purposes. 

Sosan No Hanashi 

This is a six-series introductory lecture taken up during the orientation for newcomers. These include all the salient information concerning zazen practice the way it is done in our stream of zen in the Sanbo Zen lineage. 

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Become  a Member of Zen Center Philippines (ZCP)

Upon completing the Zen Orientation Workshop, a person will have the basic knowledge and physical capacity to practice Zen. The practice requires daily zazen (sitting meditation), sesshin (live-in Zen retreats), and the guidance of a qualified teacher. Especially in the beginning, sitting with a sangha (community) is indispensable. 

One can sign up to become a member by choosing a Teacher and practicing daily with the Sangha.

Annual Membership Fee: Php 3,000

Membership is the most effective way to support both ZCP and your personal practice. Membership contributions help support  our overhead expenses, maintenance of our facilities, practice periods and activities of the Center. 

If finances interfere with your ability to become a member, please contact us at: and we will work out something with you.  No one is turned away from this practice  due to lack of financial means.