Fundamentals of Zazen

Instructional Videos 

Our instructional videos detail specific guidelines on the basic mechanics of Zazen to be able to sit properly in the correct posture. They also include the rituals and etiquette observed in the Zendo. 

The Roshi talks about the way of silence, Zazen, as the foundation of Zen practice.


The video gives a comprehensive description of the various sitting positions for meditation, the accessories to be used such as a cushion, bench or chair, and additional recommendations on how to make your sitting area a conducive  environment to practice.

Zendo Etiquette

This video underscores the importance of being very mindful and respectful in the Zendo by observing proper protocol practiced by each practitioner to maintain and nurture the silence in the Zendo.


The video enumerates all the points to observe in doing Kinhin or walking meditation, which is an extension of the sitting meditation, wherein the one-pointed concentration and focus is still maintained.


This talk expounds on Dokusan, or a private one-on-one session between the teacher and a student, as an integral part of Zen practice.


The Roshi clarifies Teisho as a public teaching that is neither a lecture nor a homily, but a direct presentation of the Dharma.


The “kyosaku”, also known as the “awakening or encouragement stick”, is applied to ward off sleepiness to encourage the sitter’s zen concentration, and in the Sanbo Zen line, is used exclusively as a response to a request.

Deep Bows

As the Roshi puts it, this “very eloquent gesture”, performed at different parts during Zazenkai, Teisho, Dokusan and Sesshin,  is done in grateful humility and acceptance.


Official YouTube Channel of Zen Philippines

This site features all the instructional videos related to the practice of Zen including introductory messages from our Abbot, Yamada Ryo’un Roshi, of Sanbo Zen in Kamakura, Japan. 

There is also a sampling of some Teisho, or public teachings, from various teachers in the Sanbo Zen sect.